We offer small to medium business digital marketing ROI, without the costly overhead.

Our specialty is providing lead generation for B2B companies. We are trustworthy, reliable and have been delivering positive sales results for over 10 years.

How do we help you grow sales?

The Internet is the new Yellow Pages—are you getting found? Digital marketing is more than a website, and marketing is selling. We have the computer science and marketing know-how to custom design a 360-degree, ROI-focused plan. Through our process, we develop industry metric models and formulas to guide and measure your campaign.

How are we different?

We understand how digital marketing works in the context of your business as a whole. Not only will we provide desired results catered to your needs and budget, but we will actually put money back into your pocket, and we will do it in a competitive period of time. We work to build lifelong clients by prioritizing integrity and surpassing expectations.

Our services can stand alone or work together. The three principles we religiously adhere to are Measurable, Sustainable and Growth.


We focus primarily on digital marketing because it is quick and easy to measure of all the available marketing channels. The power of digital marketing is you can get real-time feedback with analytics and you can immediately see how your campaigns are performing. This is crucial in today’s world of trimmed budgets and the need for aggressive ROI.


Sustainability is not talked about much in America’s corporate culture, and if it is, only in lip service. At JMW Innovations, we subscribe to game theory and realize there is an optimal level to be achieved for any given marketing campaign. When you push too hard, you break the balance. This often results in decreased ROI due to raised expenses. When you push too little, it is not enough to move past the competition and stand alone atop the ROI mountain.


We all want to experience growth, but at what cost? We believe corporate growth functions much like the economy on a closed circuit. What you change in one place makes an impact in another. Too often, we have seen the desire for aggressive growth without the necessary support structures in place. Count on us to help you avoid snags caused by staffing issues, underfunded marketing budgets and a few other hidden gremlins.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our business principles and how you can begin to implement them.

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