Content Writing and Press Releases

Is Content King?

“Content” is a big buzz word in digital marketing nowadays. Though it might seem simple, writing content is more than just placing words on a page. At its core, content is about persuading website visitors to read further and/or take action. Ultimately, you want content that can please your end users and search engine bots alike.

Content is a key component for search engine optimization (SEO) and the success of natural search campaigns. The proper use of keywords, headline creation and general composition are all key to getting the most eyeballs on your site as possible. At JMW Innovation, we know how to write quality content that can also achieve what you want it to from a technical perspective.

How can Press Releases help me?

Press releases exist to share new and notable information, but many business owners don’t believe they have anything “newsworthy” to share. Or, they worry a press release will come off too “salesy” and therefore turn off some readers. The truth is, press releases can provide great benefits for all businesses, large and small, by keeping them top-of-mind within a crowded space.

Brand recognition is a critical, albeit difficult to measure, component of your business’s overall success. Press releases alone won’t drive sales or lead generation, but they can play an important supporting role in your overall marketing plan.

Here at JMW Innovation, we help businesses craft press releases worth sending out. We create expert copy that appeals to all parties—from news outlets to target consumers—and helps you get the word out about your company and brand.

Contact us today to learn more about how custom content and press releases can help elevate your business.