Interactive Touch Screen Content Design

Publishing an interactive content piece is a great way to show case your brand, product and services in a fun and engaging way. JMW Innovation has developed a cost effective way to gain entry into interactive content without breaking your budget. We have found our solution can work well in a variety of environments including trade show exhibits, retail, and kiosks.

How does our process work?
You provide the initial multimedia pieces like HD pictures and videos and we make the interactivity happen. Even if your project is basic or complex our platform has the ability to scale. So what are you waiting for? Bring a high end professional look to your brand.

Build Rich Interactive Environments

If your project is geared towards education or sales you can guide your visitors through an amazing experience with our application. We work to design a branded user interface that integrates well with your content. Don't you think it is time your brand incorporated HD pictures and soon 4K video experiences into your marketing collateral?